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While I'm happy that they justified the metaphysical parts of the show's mythology (the shared visions, questions of who is or is not an angel of God, and conflict between a monotheistic and polytheistic worldview), overall, I'm disappointed in the conclusion of the series. Here is my song about the end of the show:

"Be good to your computers
And your computers will be good to you.
Don't be good to your computers
And they will stage a revolt against you and nuke your civilization to bloody, bloody hell.

But don't worry about that
Or the casualties
Because God will provide
You with a whole new planet of genetically similar aliens to reproduce with.

Chorus: This has all happened before; it will all happen again 3x

But if the civilization that develops on this new planet
Develops spaceships and travels to outer space
Avoid the centurion civilization on the right
EDIT: originally in my song, but should be deleted now that I hear Cavil died and that half of the cylons didn't get resurrection. How did I miss that?
And your cylon half-sibling ancestors on the left.

Their case of the grumps, which seems chronic,
May have developed into a vendetta that will nuke you and your civilization to bloody, bloody hell.

Repeat Chorus."

The salon.com review said it best. The strength of Battlestar Galactica as a show was moral ambiguity. This ending didn't have any. It had a hit-you-over-your-head-with-a-computerized-mallet storybook moral (i.e., the first verse of my song). The strength of Battlestar Galactica was also humans and humanoid cylons who acted like humans: flawed. EDIT: removed I'm really supposed to believe that Cavil will just walk away with the resurrection technology and not bother the humans or his cylon progenitors again? I'm also supposed to believe that all of the humans will voluntarily give up technology to go live a pre-industrial life?

Battlestar Galactica, as a series, rocks. I will continue to recommend it to people. But the conclusion? Not so much. I'm not sure exactly the ending I wanted the makers of BSG to use to conclude the story, which *was* epic, but I had trusted them to do better than this.
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