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levertovfan ([personal profile] levertovfan) wrote2011-02-13 07:57 pm

Yummy salad I just made

I occasionally run carrots through the shredder on my cuisinart and make several servings of carrots so that I can use some of the shredded carrots in a salad and preserve the rest in the fridge for future salads or lentil dishes. Today I did that, putting some of the carrots in a container for future use, putting some in a salad bowl with lots of arugula, and leaving a small amount in the cuisinart. Then I switched out the shredder extension with the general chopping extension and chopped:

The small amount of carrots
One large clove of garlic (equivalent of two usual cloves of garlic)

And then I added in other stuff:
Half a single container of plain yogurt
Two spoonfuls of tahini
A single puff each of mace, tumeric, and curry powder
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Lemon juice

And blended. Then I added thin sliced cucumber, sunflower seeds, and white pepper to the salad bowl and poured the yogurt dressing on top.

It tasted yummy, although the taste mainly came from the raw garlic and spices and yogurt. I bet I could make it without the olive oil, and maybe even without the tahini, or I could substitute shredded sweet potatoes and/or apples for the carrots. I think I could also add in some coriander or mustard, although I would have to eliminate some of the other spices.